Falcon F40 Forwarder

GM Forestry's Forwarder is available to hire with our experienced operator.  The F40 is a mini-forwarder in the Falcon range. Designed and manufactured in Co. Meath, Ireland and launched in August 2014, it is an all round leader in its class.  It is mainly designed for smaller plantations, broadleaf plantations or those classed as 'sensitive' sites. The F40 is an efficient workhorse with a payload capacity of 4 ton, max laden weight 8 ton and a crane reach of 5.3 metres. Equipped with eight 500 mm wide floatation tyres and a ground clearance of 550mm it has been designed for minimal ground impact. Fitted with a proven 48hp (36.4kw) Kohler engine it has plenty of torque and power allowing it to work comfortably on difficult terrains. The transport costs of heavier equipment often prohibits owners or contractors from carrying out thinning on smaller plantations but the F40 can be transported by a low loading trailer allowing plantations to be not only environmentally managed but economically too.